About Us

Pro Complete Homes is a company rooted in its founder’s passion and experience for tearing down the old and building up the new. From a young age, Nazar Koval loved deconstructing old toys, tables, forts, etc. and reassembling them to improve their aesthetic and functionality. At 16 years old this hobby became channeled through his involvement in the construction industry in the Seattle area, where he’s worked since. Today, as a father of 6, Nazar has not only renovated many of his customers’ homes, but has many times reconstructed his own living space to accommodate the size and needs of his family.

We at ProComplete Homes understand the importance of tearing structures down, only to build them back up again more personalized, functional, and appealing. Our experience has cultivated us into a company that successfully navigates through the remodeling process, producing and fine-tuning living spaces that are true reflections of each client’s needs and lifestyles. Whether you’re looking to accommodate your space for a growing family or for evolving dreams and visions, the ProComplete Homes top team of remodeling contractors in Seattle have the passion and know-how to make it happen.